Roll Or Don't Game


Rules Copyright by James Cobb

The object of the game is to be the first player to capture 3 columns.

Start your turn by pressing the "Roll" button.

The game will roll the dice and display the combinations of numbers you can play

-- the dice will be split into two pairs in every possible combination.

Click on the combination you want to play (if there is only one choice,

the game will click it for you). You will see a white diamond appear in each

of the columns you have chosen. You can play on at most three (3) columns each turn.

Your progress up the columns is only temporary until you end your turn by pressing the "Don't" button!

When you end your turn, the white temporary diamonds will change to your color.

If you get to the top of a column, and end your turn, you CAPTURE it!

The entire column will change to your color.

Keep rolling as long as you feel lucky! But if you do roll and none of your numbers shows up, you BUST!

You lose all of the progress you have made on this turn.

Press the "Busted" button to continue the game.

Good Luck!

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Optional Rules

There are six ways to play "Roll Or Don't" - the 'Classic' rules, the 'Unique Levels' option,

the 'Leapfrog' option, the 'More Columns' option, the 'Unique Levels/More Columns' combination,

and the 'Leapfrog/More Columns' combination. These options can be changed from the 'Options' menu selection.

The 'Unique Levels' option only allows you to stop rolling when you are not on the same level as any other player,

for any column you are playing on.

The 'Leapfrog' option lets everyone start at the highest position reached by any player so far, on each column.

The 'More Columns' option changes the number of columns needed to win, based on the number of players.

With four players, you need to capture three columns to win (just like the 'Classic' game), with three

players you need four columns to win, and with two players you need five columns to win.

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